Business VoIP & Hosted PBX

Over 30 Features Included

Standard Features


Voicemail with telephone light indicator & 1,000 message memory.

Call Waiting

Indication for incoming calls when you’re on the phone

Call Forwarding

Automatically transfer calls to another extension or external number

Call Display

Displaying both the number, and name of all inbound calls.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to internal extensions or external numbers

3 Way Calling

Add a 3rd party caller to any inbound or outbound call.

Sales & Marketing Features

Conference Calling

Call into a toll-free conference room with up to 99 participants.

Landline 2 Go

Unanswered calls will automatically redirect to your mobile phone.

Voicemail 2 Email

Receive voicemail messages as mp3 attachments in your inbox.

Automatic Greeting

Create a branded experience for customers when they call.

Local & Toll Free Numbers

Keep your existing numbers or acquire new telephone numbers.

Custom Hold Music

Select music that represents your brand.

Advanced Call Management

Dial by Name Directory

Customers can reach you easily with a build-in dial by name directory.

Hold Announcements

Setup custom prompts & announcements during hold

Multi-Office Features

Route calls between various locations or remote staff.

Departments & Extensions

Callers can be routed to departments or extensions.

Call Routing

Route calls based on marketing, extensions, and departments.

Call Scheduling

Setup open/closed greetings based on time of inbound calls.

Premium Services

eFax Solutions*

Inbound & outbound using your existing local & toll-free number.

Virtual Extension*

Mobile app for inbound & outbound calls using your office number.

Hire Voiceover Talent*

Represent your brand with a professional voiceover.

Call Recording*

Setup on-demand recording, or automatic recording of calls.

Software Integration*

Integrate your telephone records with CRM & Ticketing software.


Planning & Implementation of advanced call centre operations.

*Premium services are not included in your plan. Please speak with your account director for a custom quote.

No Equipment

On-site PBX systems cost tens of thousands and have limitations.

No Technician Costs

Hosted PBX is managed from a central location.
The future of business communications is VoIP

6 Advantages of VoIP

Increase Reliability

We have a triple-layer redundant PBX system.

Total Flexibility

Make changes on the fly as your business evolves.

Remote Telephones

Remote employees can access desk phones anywhere they are.

Enterprise Features

Small businesses can access enterprise features without the added expense.


B1 Communications offers reliable VoIP solutions designed for small and medium businesses in Vancouver.

  • Start Saving Money

    Our average customer saves 20% on their monthly telephone services. Switch to VoIP today.

  • Switching is easy

    Keeping your telephoner number without any interruption by switching to VoIP services.

  • Total Flexibility & Control

    Our plans include enterprise-grade features that will help grow your business.

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